About dataGOroaming

What do we provide?

dataGOroaming is a SIM/hotspot giving you Internet access for all your own devices wherever you go. Staying connected when travelling can be difficult; data roaming with your home mobile network is expensive and it's hard to know exactly what you'll be charged until you get your bill. Public WiFi hotspots and hotel WiFi can be slow and unreliable - even if you are paying a premium for them. With your dataGOroaming SIM or hotspot in your travel bag you can relax knowing that you can stay connected wherever you are, with reliable fast WiFi for all your devices. You are always in complete control of your spend, with our fully prepaid data packages there's no risk of roaming bill-shock.

We pride ourselves on providing a quality service giving travellers value, convenience and peace of mind.

The team at dataGO are experienced business and leisure travellers who have found it hard to find high quality, good value internet access on the go - which is why we created dataGOroaming to ensure that you will be able to stay connected, anywhere - your dataGOroaming SIM/hotspot will soon become your favourite travel gadget.

How to get started:

  • Insert the global SIM into your phone or hotspot
  • Turn your device on and check that you can connect to its WiFi network with your phone/tablet/laptop (Note: you won't have internet access until you activate your data package and are in the right travel zone)
  • Login to your account and activate a data package using the intructions from your shipping confirmation email
  • Check that you have the correct zone for your next trip (There are three zones: Europe, Business Traveller or Globetrotter) - you can upgrade if you need to
  • Set your data start date for your next trip - the bundle lasts for 30 days
  • If using in a hotspot, make sure your hotspot is charged before your trip - and don't forget to pack the charging cable!
  • You can check data usage in your account, and you will receive an email notifcation when your data bundle is close to running out or expiring
  • It's easy to top-up for more data or future trips via your account